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About White Bass

Almost every Missouri lake has a population of White Bass. A cousin of the Striped Bass, White Bass are a schooling fish that travel in large numbers, and can reach the three pound range. If you find one, there's usually a lot more nearby. Landing into a school of White's can provide a lot of action.

In the early Spring the White Bass make their spawning runs up into the arms and creeks of the lakes. This is the best time of year to catch them, and it won't take long to catch your limit.

During the Summer, White Bass can be found chasing shad in to the shallows. This usually takes place in the large arms and the main lake areas. It is possible to try and follow the White's around, and fish for them as they come up to bust the shad. Find the shad and the White Bass won't be far away. This method of following the fish can be tried in the Fall too. If you're lucky enough to run into a school, hang on!>

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