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Though not considered a Trout state, Missouri offers some exceptional Trout fishing. Because of the environment, Trout in Missouri do not spawn, or so it's said, but some believe spawning is taking place. Missouri has Trout hatcheries throughout the state, and after reaching a determined length, these fish are released into the waters at the various Trout Parks and Lake Taneycomo.

The kind of Trout available in Missouri are Rainbow and Brown. There are more Rainbow Trout hatched and released that Brown Trout, which accounts for the larger number of Rainbows that can be caught.

The seasonal patterns for Trout differ very little in Missouri. Trout spend most of their time in the currents and eddies of the streams, but they do relate to structure such as trees, falldowns, and rocks. Though the currents and eddies provide the means for pushing the food source to the Trout, the structure provides relief from the current, and ambush points to take larger baits. When fishing, check out all these areas.

Since the Trout are stocked, the patterns used for catching these fish is pretty much the same year around, but subtle changes in presentation or technique can make a big difference. The four Trout Parks, Meramec Springs, Montauk, Bennett Springs, and Roaring River, are open for eight months, where as Lake Taneycomo is open all year. (The Trout Parks are open during the winter for catch and release fishing) At Lake Taneycomo, boats can be used to fish from, and running water from below Table Rock dam can determine how good the fishing is.

Other areas to catch Trout are the Trophy Trout and Wild Trout Management areas near the Trout Parks. The regulations for catching and keeping Trout in these areas differ from the Trout Parks and Lake Taneycomo. Before venturing into any of these areas, be sure to check the latest Missouri Fishing Regulations for rules.

For a change of pace or something new, try fishing with a flyrod. Since most people use light spinning tackle for Trout fishing, a flyrod might add a new dimension to your fishing appreciation. Though a little tricky to master, fly fishing is a totally different experience. To learn to use a flyrod, ask someone who fly fishes to teach you, or attend many of the available seminars.

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