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Crappie, one of the more popular panfishes in Missouri, is another member of the Sunfish Family. There are two kinds of Crappie available in Missouri, white and black. The Black Crappie has dark speckled markings on the sides, while the White Crappie has dark bands. Spring is the best time to catch these fish, though they can be caught all year around. Crappie can be found in submerged or flooded tress in shallow and deep water in the coves as they begin to spawn.

Lake of the Ozarks, which is void of flooded timber, has sunken brush that has been put there by fishermen and dock owners. By talking to other fishermen you should be able to find out where some of the brush is located. Look for sunken brush along the shoreline and around boat docks. If you see the dock owners, ask them if they have sunken brush. A few of the other ways to tell if there is sunken brush around the docks is to look for Crappie lights pointing down towards the water, and chairs and rod holders on the edge of the docks. This technique of finding Crappie on Lake of the Ozarks is good all year round.

During the Summer on other Missouri lakes, try fishing the submerged trees in deeper water. Fishing in the evening, or even at night with a light in the water can also produce good catches. Using a light attracts baitfish which in turn attracts the Crappie. But make sure it's OK to stay out past your bedtime.

In the Fall as the water begins to cool, check submerged trees in shallow water in the coves and feeder creeks. During the Winter, fish deep, 10-20 feet on the main lake, or in the mouths of the coves, again around submerged trees. For some reason these fish love trees. During the Winter months, a few lodges and resorts at Lake of the Ozarks have heated fishing docks.

A final note, a fish finder can prove to be your best method for locating Crappie. Look for a large mass on the screen in the areas mentioned above, and fish away, and be sure to watch your limits.

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