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About Catfish

A popular eating fish, the Catfish is fun to catch, and can also be a real tackle buster. Catfish can be caught during the day, but most fishing is done at night, since this is when they are most active. Though Catfish can probably see as well as other fish, they use their sense of smell and barbels to find food. Catfish also have the ability to live in turbid waters where other fish will not venture.

The different Catfish available in Missouri are the Channel, Flathead, Blue, and Black Bullhead. These fish can be found in rivers, streams, and lakes. Considered to be a scavenger, the Catfish also eats small fish, plants, insects, and crustaceans. This may explain why some are caught using bass lures such as crankbaits.

Catfish spawn in the Spring and early Summer on hard bottoms. Though they can be caught from Spring thru Fall, Summer time seems to be the most popular, especially during the evening hours or at night. When still fishing, try casting to different depths.

Catfish are fun to catch, and will put up a good fight. Because of how large they can get, a big Catfish can turn a light action outfit into trash. Be careful though of the spines in the pectoral and dorsal fins, getting stung can be painful.

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