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About Bluegill

Bluegill, now there's a fish for the whole family. The Bluegill, a member of the Sunfish Family, is probably one of the most sought after panfish in Missouri. They seem to bite when nothing else does, and their great for kids to get started in fishing. A myth that they're not a very intelligent fish, (probably because they've been known to bite a bare hook) the Bluegill is aware of your presence, and is probably more curious than anything else. This may account for the large number of small fish caught. To catch bigger Bluegill, fish areas that are passed up by other anglers or are hard to reach, and cast from a distance. Being unaware of your presence, larger Bluegill will take your bait.

In the Spring and early Summer, Bluegills will move to the shallows to spawn, and will stay there for most of the fishing season. If you're not into bass fishing, fish in the shallows during the bass spawning season, Bluegill love bass eggs.

Summer is usually the best time to catch Bluegill, especially during the heat of the day when other fish stop biting. You can fish just about anywhere along the shoreline, piers, boat docks, trees, rocks, and weeds. Concentrate on areas that have trees or falldowns. This type of structure seems to attract Bluegill. On sunny days try fishing shaded areas. Don't be surprised if you catch some small bass too.

In the Fall, again fish just about anywhere. And again, don't forget to include the family, they'll love the action as much as you.

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